Seth Tippetts.

Frequently asked questions

Is Seth Tippetts married?

He was from 2017-2021, but sadly they got divorced. He was heartbroken and wrote many jokes about it instead of paying for therapy.

How tall is Seth Tippetts?


Where did Seth Tippetts play basketball?

University of Utah, Alta HS, and Box Elder HS

Where can I see Seth Tippetts perform?

His home club is Wiseguys Comedy in Salt Lake City, for upcoming tour dates click here

Did Seth Tippetts film a Dry Bar Comedy special?

Yes! It's called "Tall. Dark. Gigante." and it's available on Amazon Prime, Dry Bar Comedy+, Comedy Dynamics, Facebook, and YouTube

Does Seth Tippetts do corporate comedy or private events?

You know it baby! For availability and rates please email

How old is Seth Tippetts?

32 years old